Shareholder Enquiries

Please note that Sarossa has undertaken a number of corporate actions in recent years, including a Share Consolidation on a basis of 1 for 10,000 which took place on 29 October 2018. As a result, any shareholders holding less than 10,000 shares pre the consolidation, will have only been entitled to a Fractional Entitlement of less than 1 New Share and for which they would have received the appropriate Fraction as sales proceeds and, therefore, will no longer have a holding in Sarossa.

We advise that any shareholder enquiries are directed to our registrar and transfer agent in the first instance, to establish you have a valid holding in the company. Our registrar is Neville Registrars who also have an FAQ section on their website which provides further information. Nevilles can be contacted at the following address or by calling +44 121 585 1131.

Sarossa currently has 39,962 shares of £100 each in issue.

Change of Address

To inform us of a change of address you must write to our registrar. The letter should include the following:

  • your name in full, as it appears on your share certificate(s)
  • the number of shares held
  • your previous address
  • your new address

This letter must be signed. For security reasons the registrars cannot accept address changes over the telephone.

Lost Share Certificates

Shareholders who have misplaced their physical share certificates should contact our registrar in the first instance to obtain a replacement certificate.

You shall be required to complete and return a Letter of Indemnity to the registrar, for which there may be a charge.

Transfer of Shares

If you wish to transfer your shares to someone that you know, the process shall depend upon whether you hold your shares physically in certificated format, or electronically in a broker nominee account.

To transfer shares held in a broker nominee we recommend that you contact your broker who holds the shares on your behalf directly. They shall then be able to advise you as to their requirements for completing a share transfer.

To transfer physically held shares you can transfer your holding by completing a stock transfer form and then returning this, along with the share certificate, to our registrar.

However, prior to doing so you may wish to take financial or legal advice.

Please complete the stock transfer form which can be found here with:

  • the full name and address details for both transferor (the old owner) and transferee (the new owner)
  • the signature of the transferor
  • today’s date
  • the amount to be transferred in both words and figures
  • the appropriate stamp duty declaration as set out on the reverse of the form

Sale of Shares

Sarossa shares have not been traded on any exchange since 2016 and as such there is no active market in the shares of the Company. The Company has provided shareholders with a number of liquidity opportunities in recent years.

The company is aware that its major shareholder may be prepared to purchase additional Sarossa shares at £155 each, being the same value as the last Tender Offer Price paid by Sarossa on 14 December 2018.

If this is of interest to you please email the company directly at [email protected] and we can liaise with our major shareholder to buy these on a matched basis at £155 per share.

Alternatively, shareholders may wish to hold onto their shares until hopefully a higher price selling opportunity becomes available in the future, but there can be no certainty as to the timing of this.

The latest financial information of Sarossa can be found here.