Welcome to Sarossa Plc

Sarossa is an investment holding and management company whose principal activity is investment in and growth and development of businesses which present opportunities for value creation.

The Directors of Sarossa have an investing strategy to identify investment opportunities offering the potential to deliver a favourable return to shareholders over the medium term, primarily in the form of capital gain. Sarossa is mainly focused on portfolio businesses with product and service platforms targeting major international markets through customers and partners with an international profile and which, in the opinion of the Directors, are underperforming and present opportunities for value creation. The Company's equity interest in a potential investment may range from a minority position to 100 per cent. ownership and the interest may be either quoted or unquoted.

The Directors intend to be active investors and to assist in the strategic development and growth of significant acquisitions and/or investments made by the Company. The acquisitions or investments may be funded from existing cash resources, by the issue of new ordinary shares or with debt, or a combination thereof, as the Directors deem appropriate.

It is anticipated that returns to shareholders will be delivered principally through capital growth rather than capital distributions via dividends although it may become appropriate to distribute funds to shareholders once the Company's investments mature.